The only newsletter you'll ever need to read

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The only newsletter you'll ever need to read

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Monica Colangelo
·Sep 10, 2022·

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Okay, maybe I was a bit bold in the title... but maybe not, and it's up to you!

I had been thinking about creating my own newsletter for a while, but couldn't make up my mind.

Then I joined Mastodon recently (you can follow me here: And now that I am experiencing a new, much less toxic social, the idea of creating connections and community has finally made me decide!

My idea is to periodically share some interesting readings about Cloud, DevOps, and Architecture that I find online (of course, on Hashnode too!). Nothing for sale, just knowledge sharing.

If you like, you can also share with me some brilliant content you may find online, and you could see it in the newsletter itself.

If you like the idea you're very welcome!

Please visit my newsletter subscription page and let's start making cloud together!

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